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As SharePoint administrator, you might have this problem. When you changed user account in AD, his display name or email address might be modified, for example, the display name modified from Joe Smith to Joe Young. However, the display name of that user might show up as Joe Smith (old display name), not Joe Young (new display name should be shown) in some site collections when the user accesses the sites with the new login ID.

Normally, we execute the command stsadm -o migrateuser to Migrates a user account in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to a new login name and binary ID. However, it doesn't update the display name and email address. Some SharePoint administrators mentioned we could use stsadm -o sync command to synchronize a user information added to sites. Unfortunately, those commands could not resolve my problem. The old display name and email address were not synchronized in some site collections after I modified one user account in AD and executed those commands. I had to delete the old user and add the new user to those sites to force uesr information synchronization in different site collections manually. This is not a good way to resolve the problem. I need a tool to do it automatically.

I found that I could write a stsadm customized extension to resolve the problem. Fortunately, I finished it and use it in my environment. It is working very well in my environment. I hope this stsadm customized extension would resolve your problem.

After you modify one user account in AD, you can run this stsadm extension to migrate user login name, display name and email address from old user account to new user account. The new information will be updated in all site collections under a web application.

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